Various Types of Retail POS Software to Suit Different Businesses

More often than not, Retail POS Software makes most people think of the eateries they like, and picture their food orders tapping on a screen. However, there are varieties of software for Retail POS that perform different functions.POS software is an internet-based transaction that also manages inventory. It lets managers transact with both cash and credit, analyze sales, track stocks, and generate reports. Since we understand the cloud-based POS, let us discover some different types.

1. CentreEdge Advantage

POS software handles online sales and booking. It also issues tickets, waivers, group reservations, and carries out advanced analytics. CenterEdge works in the entertainment industry, and you can customize it for your facility.

There are many more features that are available, including eCommerce integration, Customer Account Profiles, Loyalty Programs, and Electronic Signature, to mention a few. It will set you back $5,000/one time, but you will have online support for all your needs.

2. DEAR Inventory

If you are running a business requiring inventory management (manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and ecommerce operators), this is a good investment. It handles small and medium-size stores, providing inventory solutions for the full business cycle.

Other features include receiving information to assist in cost management and maximization of profits (e.g., inventory and warehouse management). You can easily integrate it if you are a retailer with Shopify, eBay, or Amazon. A DEAR system will set you back $199 monthly. 

3. QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks tracks inventory, customers, and sales orders. It also computes employee commissions and layaways. Some of the features you will access include barcode scanning and keeping customer account profiles.

Pay a one-time investment cost of $1,200.00 that also accesses online support, and get started.


A scalable POS system that is comprehensive enough to meet the needs of any business type and size of retail and restaurant. Its customers are in over sixty countries, including the US, UK, India, and Australia.

Single shops and multiple location stores use it for quick billing and till accounting. It will issue accurate inventory management and integrate e-commerce solutions. Use its business apps to run a bakery, barber shop, convenience store, retail shop, or any business you are doing.

5.   RepairShop

RepairShop is a platform with ticketing, invoicing, and marketing for repair shops and service businesses. It will also give you POS, CRM, and works just as well for a single store or multiple locations.

You can manage commissions, discounts and returns as well as other features. Whether you own a jewellery store, plumbing outfit or any other service, the platform is easy to use. The investment is in three tiers depending on the features and, starts at $49.99 per month, per user.

6.  Authorize.Net

This POS provides IP payment gateway services. The store owners can authorize, pay and manage credit card and electronic checks. It has eCommerce integration and customer account profiles to ensure that you get the correct information.

The cost is a fraction of the value of each business deal, 2.9% plus $0.30 for each transaction.

7.   iWireless POS

It is a platform for mobile phone and repair shops. This comprehensive retail management software has a variety of features, such as barcode scanning, electronic signature, and returns management.

The retail manager also has access to customer account profiles and discount management. The pricing starts at $70.00 per month and charges per location, irrespective of how many terminals and users will have access.

8.   PayGo POS

PayGo provides flexible solutions to brick and mortar retailers who have single or multiple stores. It is compatible with Macs and PC, so one workstation can have unlimited users. PayGo is useful for running gift or wine stores, quick-serve cafeterias, fashion or pet boutiques, and many more. The software can tailor to fit your needs and adapt to marketplace changes. If you have inquiries, you can access online support for assistance. The monthly cost is $72.00, which lets you have the software, support and maintenance.

9.   Yellow Dog Inventory

This retail inventory system manages businesses such as resorts, clubs and retail stores. As long as your business is in the hospitality industry, food and beverage or retail, use Yellow Dog POS for the properties. Some available features include inventory control and management, and restaurant and retail management. The software is user-friendly, and we like the fact that it gets regular updates to improve its performance.  The investment for this solution is $250.00 per month.


This retail solution provides managers with a simple omnichannel experience. Some satisfied customers include supermarkets, grocery stores, natural organic shops, co-ops, pharmacies, and speciality food markets. Because it has no third-party integrations, your customers’ needs meet in one unified commerce platform. The competitive edge also allows your executive team to grow with constant technological integration and consulting.

11.   QuidPOS Smart Vendor

This software works well for shopkeepers, merchants and small businesses trading as unique boutiques and quick service restaurants. You can transact in crypto and other different currencies from your computer or Android device. Integrate with popular payment processors, like PayPal or Square and conduct your business. The settings are customizable; let you manage inventory and track sales easily. You process payments quickly and watch your profits grow. Choose the plan that fits your business from Premium or Enterprise, with a starting cost of $9.00 per month.

12. Zoho Creator

This app development platform allows the user to launch mobile apps. The businesses that use Zoho Creator include entrepreneurs, small enterprises, educational bodies and not-for-profits. Use it with iPhones, iPads, Android devices and the web.

Users can customize the app to get electronic invoices, refunds and track sales and customer-buying patterns.  The investment cost begins at $10.00 per month for each user.

Final Thoughts

POS solutions for retail come in many varieties. If you run a pawn shop, you will find a POS fulfilling your expectations. The point of sale platforms can solve specific issues, or can cover broad management areas. Determine your needs and research what offers a good match. Then, put yourself out there and rake in the profits! Read More


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